“Technology for people and the future” Maxcom Korea's technology leads the world.

Maxcom Korea Co., Ltd. intends to change the standard of electrical and electronic communication products in Korea and around the world. SWISS MILITARY BATTERY 3,800mA (SM -100 POWER BANK) is a global brand of SWISS MILITARY. It is a differentiated product in terms of function and quality from other products that combine brand value and our best technology.
Maxcom Korea Co., Ltd.'s representative products have advantages such as durability and electrical safety, and have a design that harmonizes with emotion. Very good. In addition, it has superior efficiency compared to the performance of similar products.
Based on trust with customers, Maxcom Korea Co., Ltd. expands product development to meet the current era in which the importance of cutting-edge new technology is emphasized. We promise to leap forward as a developing company. In addition, we will further expand and develop the new technology development industry not only in Korea but also abroad to create the best performance and stable products. We will become a company that does its best with a sense of mission.
We ask for your interest in “Maxcom Korea” in the future.

All employees of Maxcom Korea